Hi. My name is Nicole Rule and I own this here business called Greatest Worth.

Eight years ago I was stuck, overwhelmed and $100,000 in debt. I had just had my second child and my (super short) maternity leave was coming to an end. At 12 weeks postpartum, (when my baby was still only sleeping if I wore her in her baby carrier), I had to give her (and my almost 2 year old) to a daycare because we were in dire need of the salary I could bring in.

To say I was angry and frustrated is an understatement! Was this going to be the rest of our life? Just maintaining? Working because I HAD to. Nope. I had dreams and I was not going to let money stand in my way!

Fast forward 26 months later and my husband and I are just finishing up paying off that debt, and in the process we realized the secret sauce to making budgeting exciting & fun, instead of a chore!

Yes that process was hard, but it was also beautiful. As Glennon says, it was brutiful! Whether you know it or not, personal finance is intertwined in every decision you make and every product you choose to buy. So, I think, why not make it beautiful?

I LOVE making the process of budgeting beautiful with a pretty website and lovely downloadable workbooks and cool videos. But, there’s more to beauty than just what we see on the outside, right?

The ultimate goal of Greatest Worth is to make personal finance beautiful on your insides.

OK, maybe that’s a weird way to put it. What I mean is, I want you to LOVE your finances. To love talking about money with your spouse. Like really love it. To never shy away from money again, but to own where you are and have confidence in the steps you’re taking to make your finances everything you want them to be!

Oh, and to definitely stop fighting about money. Forever.

And if you follow my process you will. No more baggage. No more fighting. No more anxiety about how you’re going to move forward. Or pay for that vacation you just took.

No more.

I created Greatest Worth to help teach women that living beautiful lives and being in control of their finances are NOT mutually exclusive.

Around these parts you’ll find tips, strategies, encouragement and occasional kicks in the pants so that YOU can begin to see the beauty in budgeting!

Yep. Even you.

You totally got this!


Be brave,

PS // Seth Godin says “Money is the story you choose to tell with it.” What kind of story are you telling?




PPS // There’s also this! As Maui says, “you’re welcome!”


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