My Story

Hey there. My name is Nicole and I’m a wife (to my soulmate), a mother to 4 (1 boy, 3 girls), a Chocolate Lounge addict – (seriously, try having this in your town and not wanting chocolate cake EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.), a lover of simple beauty, and an American hell bent on redefining the “American Dream.”

Yeah. I’m serious. That American Dream – the one that says we need 2.5 kids (AND we need to have those kids in every extracurricular activity available or they’ll wind up lame and friendless), a white picket fence around our GIGANTIC house, an expensive, prestigious college degree, and the newest, shiniest car that we can possibly afford on payments – Gah!

What a crock of sh!t! Do THOSE things and you’ll be in debt for the rest of your life!

I believe our greatest worth is so much more than our stuff and our bank accounts. While living a life of intention with our finances is important, critical really, to the greater picture of our life dreams, I believe our greatest worth comes with a practice of intention. I know, budgeting seems like a boring, accountant-type activity.

The truth is, budgeting brings us closer to who we want to be in this world, helps us figure out what we value as human beings, and is a guide for those decisions we make every day. Yeah, even, “should I put little Johnny in soccer this fall?”

My short story is: We paid off $100,000 in student loan debt in 26 months and in the process worked 60 hour weeks, got pregnant, had our third (and fourth – and, yes, I know how babies are made) children and completely changed the way we approach money and life. 

Through the amazingly enlightening and difficult process of debt payoff, I found I LOVE guiding other mamas and families towards finding beauty in their financial life. I want this space to be one of calm, of positivity and belief in yourself! Because the truth is creating intention and dreams around your money IS beautiful. Let’s let go of the shame and guilt around money and find the beauty!

Let’s do this together!

Be brave,


My story -

P.S. Seth Godin says “Money is the story you choose to tell with it.” What kind of story are you telling? Connect with me through email [email protected] or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

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