Budgeting 101 | How to Create a Budget with Intention!

Creating a budget doesn’t have to be overwhelming and abstract. This technique of beginning budgeting gets us started. It’s easy and straightforward. And, let’s be honest, taking that first step towards something scary is always the hardest. Once we step, adjusting and tweaking and adding a more difficult task is made easier. Come on Mama….

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Calculate Your Net Worth | Part 1

Why calculate net worth? I believe that doing so can help you get a handle on what your big, overall financial picture looks like. And a big picture view is what we’re all missing these days. We’re busy shuttling kids, cleaning, grocery shopping, budgeting, trying to make it all work. amiright?! In its most basic…

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Calculate Net Worth | Pt 2 | Track Spending

Calculate Net Worth. Check. Wallow in misery because net worth is negative. Check. Take an action step towards the future I want…OK, we’re getting there! Before we get into that action step of how to track spending, I want to have a little check in. How are you feeling at this point? I want to…

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