Make Ahead School Lunches | A Week’s Worth in 30 minutes!

My post this past Wednesday was about HOW we create a menu for our kids’ lunches for the week and prepare all of them on Sunday. If you haven’t, you’ll want to check that out here!

As I was writing, I realized the process sounds a bit complicated in written form. I want you all to feel empowered to begin creating your own menu (although you don’t have to because I made one for you! Fill out the form below to get it for FREE) AND get their kids to help out.

Our process actually came about this January while I was on my first Mastermind Trip. I wanted to figure out a way to support my husband during what was likely to be a really hectic time for him. He was (and is) always so supportive of my dreams, it seemed like the least I could do.

So, I worked to pack all of the lunches before I left for my 5 day trip. He said it was seriously amazing, and side benefit is that without Mama there the kids HAD to pack their own lunches every day. He said they totally rocked it and we’ve been continuing with this process ever since.

This video is a glimpse into one of our Sunday Lunch Packing Sessions! It’s not going to be pretty, but it will be real, and I hope it will help you to see that you can do it, too!


Make your menu for the week.

Or download the Make Ahead School Lunches FREEBIE I’ve made for you!

Get all of your supplies ready and pack one item at a time.

Example: If you’re having PB&J twice this coming week, have one of the kids make ALL the PB&Js for everyone. That way they’re learning how to be responsible for themselves but also how they can support others and let others support them. Plus, it’s just WAY easier to keep track of all the sandwiches that way! Then move on to veggie containers and so on.

Label each item or container as you go.

If they’re all the same than don’t worry about this. But, if one child will not eat blueberries no matter how much you explain that they’re delicious and nutritious, than mark the containers in a way that they will always know which is theirs. We have little washable name tag stickers that we use for their clothing. We put these labels on their containers and they’re dishwasher safe! Bonus!

Or, for sandwiches, we tend to just put those in zip top bags and write their names on them in sharpie!

Put everything in an easy to access space.

We have some items on low shelves in our pantry and some in our spare fridge in the garage. The kids know where to access everything and it’s all at their level so they don’t have to ask for help. The big kids know they need to help our littlest (she’s 3).

Clean up.

This is quite a process, especially if you’re trying to make whole food lunches…and make them with 4 kids. The clean up will likely take a bit!

Have Fun!

You’ll notice in the video even our 3 year old likes to be a part of the make ahead school lunches packing process! Our 5 year old eats her weight in popcorn throughout the video! Try to remember that you’re getting your kids invested in creating healthy food habits NOW, and having fun doing it!

It’s a habit they’ll want to continue, especially if it’s fun!

Don’t forget to download my make ahead school lunches menu plan and grocery list to get you started right NOW. You can access it below!

Happy packing friends,

P.S. You can get all kinds of inspiration on my Frugal School Lunches Pinterest Board. Go check it out!  Don’t forget to hit follow!




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