The Power of Shame | How to reclaim YOUR Power.

“You can’t write! You’re definitely not talented enough. No one will read it. Your photography needs so much work.” It went on and on all day. I woke up this morning with doubts and shame surrounding the core of myself. I was doubting my ability to create, my originality, even my worthiness as a human…

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Calculate Your Net Worth | Part 1

Why calculate net worth? Doing so can help you get a handle on what your big, overall financial picture looks like. In its most basic definition, net worth is a person’s total assets minus debts. Assets are the things you own of value and debts are the things you owe. This number, when I calculated…

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Calculate Net Worth | Pt 2 | Track Spending

Calculate Net Worth. Check. Wallow in misery because net worth is negative. Check. Take an action step towards the future I want…OK, we’re getting there! Before we get into that action step of how to track spending, I want to have a little check in. How are you feeling at this point? I want to…

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